Carbon Filters for Odour, Hydrocarbons, VOC’s, Volitile and Organic Carbons Removal

Carbon Filters

Coconut shell activated carbon filters are used to adsorb gaseous odours, volatile organic compounds and impurities from the air. There are multiple applications including; the recovery of solvents used in various industrial processes such as rotogravure printing/magnetic strip manufacture etc; air treatment filters used in airports, range hoods, nail bar extraction, gas purification in the petrochemical industry, natural gas production, brewing industry etc. Industrial applications can include carbon regeneration plant, to ensure the gas stream is always effectively processed via ‘duty’ / ‘standby’ or diverter systems.

A wide range of filter sizes and types are produced, the carbon content dependent upon the particular contaminant, it´s concentration and the total air volume in order to achieve the maximum adsorbtion levels. Available in pre-packed units,  V-formation cells, individual panels or cartridges. A pre-filter of minimum F6 efficiency is recommended to offer essential protection.

We can calculate the volume of carbon filters for particular application depending upon hazard and contact time required.


Carbon Impregnated panel and rigid bag filters

Commonly used on commercial kitchen extract systems, their absorption capacity reduces all types of cooking smells, including those produced by fast food outlets, restaurants, coffee bars, and bakeries as well as odours generated by food production factories, nail and beauty clinics etc.

Particularly pungent odours, such as spicy Indian cooking or excessive onion or garlic smells will require specialised activated carbon filters in order to be effective. These filters can be constructed to any size in a range of densities and thicknesses. Supplied in an aluminium framed or unframed format in varying grades to suit each individual application.

Panels can be specially impregnated for specific installations, such as ATEX antistatic filters for filtering explosive dusts / powders / fumes where antistatic or conductive filters are required to prevent electrostatic ignition risk.


VOC removal and purification of water and liquids/beverages

In addition to the direct purification of foodstuffs, activated carbons are extremely effective in the preparation of materials used in the production of beverages ('soft' and alcoholic drinks).

Decolorising of sugar syrup, the removal of disinfection agents from towns water, treatment of bore-hole sources containing VOC, purification of carbon dioxide from fermentation steps and correction off-specification products (beers, wines and spirits), are all possible using our activated carbon ranges.


Industrial Dust and Fume extraction;  VOC, Hydrocarbon removal

Inorganic compounds in the vapour phase are often corrosive or toxic and due to their chemical properties they are difficult to adsorb onto base activated carbon. The AddSorb range of activated carbons consists of specially impregnated adsorbents, designed to remove these compounds by chemisorption. AddSorb acid gas removal products are used for adsorbing odorous sulphur compounds in sewage pumping stations and for the removal of corrosive gases from air intake systems in electronics manufacturing facilities, museums and libraries.

AddSorb mercury removal products are used to purify hydrogen generated in chloralkali cells, to prevent corrosion of heat exchangers in natural gas production and to prevent atmospheric contamination when recycling fluorescent lamps. AddSorb activated carbons are also supplied for the adsorption of special gases and for use in respirators for personal protection.