Introducing SmartAIR® Lite

  • Specifically designed for dust, fume, laden airstreams.
  • Maintains optimum control of fan speed utilizing system and branch pressures via fan law calculations. 
  • Additional energy savings are achieved with:
    • Less heat loss from factory.
    • Return air to workplace (depending upon hazardous substance) & continuous air quality monitoring.

Reduced Maintenance & Down Time

Optimal extraction rates extend filer life, reduce cleaning system compressed air usage whilst minimising wear, downtime & wear & tear. Maintains suitable (main duct) transport velocities, via configurable ‘duct cleaning’ programs, whilst maximizing energy savings.

Energy savings

Typically, between 30 – 60% per annum of installed system price.

Payback period can be as little as 12 months.

Automatic Dampers

Motorised branch dampers are operated either automatically from the machine start switch, a sensor, or from ‘wall-switch’.

Electrically, not pneumatically operated dampers, saving on installation & compressed air costs. ON/OFF Dampers with variable limit stops allow each branch airflow to be balanced with a simple adjustment on the damper. System balancing is carried out in the usual way.

Monitoring & Alarms

Real time monitoring / alarms for filter pressures, damper & other fault conditions (optionally) return air quality, energy usage. 


LEV test mode – opens all (or selected) branches with press of a single button, to enable a ‘standardised’ test to be performed and prevents ‘unplanned’ operator interventions.

ATEX Certified systems & dampers available. Suitable for virtually all processes & applications


Can be fitted into existing Industrial Ventilation Systems, possibly providing additional capacity without costly plant upgrades.

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