Dust and Liquid Filters

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R&B Industrial supply an extensive range of dust and liquid filters, for a wide range of industrial applications.

R&B Industrial filter elements are designed and manufactured to give high efficiency, low-pressure drop and long life, using the latest materials and technology. The performance of all R&B Industrials dust and liquid filters are equal to, or better than, the performance of the original equipment items. Where R&B Industrial is the OEM supplier, the filter elements are designed to meet the specific design requirements for the air/liquid flow, efficiency, pressure drop and life for optimum performance.


Which type of filter or filter media is right for my application?

We are able to provide expert advice on the right filtration for your application:

  • Air filters or ‘depth’ filtration media offer a range of efficiencies; from course airborne/atmospheric dust filters (Grade1,Grade2 – ie glass fibre), to very high efficiency (HEPA) or Ultra-Low Penetration (ULPA) filters. These types of filters are generally suitable for ‘light’ dust loadings; once the filters are blocked they have to be disposed of and replaced. Therefore, generally applications with heavy particulate/dust loadings, these filters become very expensive due to the constant changing of filters. Different types of depth filter media can be used for oil or VOC filtration, odour removal, or liquid filtration applications; please see the relevant sections for these types of filters and media.

    Surface filtration media or dust/particulate filters are designed to provide a surface barrier to block the particulate from ‘entering’ the pores of the media; this can either be for a dust or liquid application. The filters are then regularly cleaned by either

  • Some type of mechanical shaking, vibrating or rapping
  • Reverse air cleaning

Providing the correct type of filter media and cleaning system is selected for the application. Taking into account such things as: dust/particulate type and chemistry, particulate size and shape, temperature, VOC/moisture content, humidity, toxicity, hours of operation, dust loading etc, the filter media can last for a considerably long time; and far longer than depth filter media. The initial cost of these dust and liquid filters with respect to air-flow velocity, can be considerably higher than the ‘equivalent depth’ filters, however, the filters will last considerably longer which is more cost effective over time.

Filter life can be further improved with the addition of dry-scrubbing systems, please refer to relevant section under dust and fume extraction; dry scrubbing and powder injection systems, wet gas scrubbing venturi scrubbers.

A wide range of treatments are available to aid the dust release and for explosive dusts/fumes.

We can provide full maintenance contracts covering filtration plant servicing, testing and both liquid and dust filter replacements, including ATEX plant handling explosive fumes / dusts etc.

In some cases our filtration solutions can last for a considerably longer length of time, compared to the OEM original equipment.


Below is an email received from ‘Sharp-interpak’ from an extruder line degassing system; we saved the company thousands of pounds per month, by modifying and upgrading a filter housing and replacing with a different type of filter / filter media:

email 2




We can also provide a huge variety of filters to the following areas; Hampshire Berkshire Avonmouth Dorset Devon Wiltshire Somerset Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire Middlesex Northamptonshire Surrey Sussex Wales, Bedfordshire Gwent Cambridgeshire Cardiff Carmarthenshire Ceredigion Clackmannanshire Derbyshire Essex Gloucestershire Greater London Gwynedd, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight Nottinghamshire Kent Leicestershire