Pre-Coat Filter Aids

Pre-coat filter aid, such as Calcium Carbonate, Alumina, are dry, inert powders. When introduced into the gas stream of a dust collector it coats and conditions the filter media promoting filter efficiencies and maximising air flow.

Our pre-coat forms a uniform three-dimensional, porous dust cake that is ideal as a filter aid, providing a surface cake on the filter medium. It can be used for both bag and cartridge filters.

Filter aids should be used in dust extraction systems in the following application/ conditions:

  • Where very fine dust is present in the product, (<20 Microns) especially when cyclones, drop out or baffle boxes etc are used as pre-filters and/or the LEV is extracting low volumes of very fine dusts or powders.
  • The pre-coat powder is inserted into the extraction system i.e. ducting, ideally after cyclones etc. When new filters are installed and before process product reaches the ‘clean filters’ The pre-coat powder forms a surface coating on the filters which provides the following advantages:
    • Prevents very fine dust blinding the new filter media.
    • Helps to inhibit sparks
    • The filters works more efficiently after pre-coat powder    has been applied.
    • The pre-coat powder will reduce extractor emissions,  when applied to new filters which would have otherwise increased, until a surface coating of product has built-up.
    • Requires approximately 1Kg Per 10m2 Media Area.

Note pre-coat powder can also help neutralise acidic dusts and provide longer filter life.

We have large stocks of filter aids, from 5 Kg – 25 Kg bags / sacks.