Roof Fans

Design criteria should include such factors as comfort level; cost; and fire, smoke, and odour control.

Proper design also considers controlling noise and minimizing pollution of the atmosphere and water systems around the building. Retrofitting existing buildings is also an important part of the construction industry because of increased costs of construction and the necessity of reducing energy consumption.

Some buildings are constructed with only heating and ventilating systems. For these buildings, greater design emphasis should be placed on natural or forced ventilation systems to minimize occupant discomfort during hot weather.

We can provide general ventilation systems for heating and cooling to meet CIBSE and building regulation control.

We have designed and installed systems utilizing roof fans for heat removal and comfort, together with low level supply systems using both external air and air cooled with evaporative coolers.

Roof works are carried with specific health and safety measures / method statements and risk assessments. Soaker sheets, purlins, upstands and support steel work can all be included.