Covid Compliance Ventilation systems for Dental Practices and Surgeries


How can dental surgeries meet Government Guidance in Ventilation using Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) and what services can we offer?


R&B Industrial can offer services in enabling dental surgeries to meet recent Government Guidance following the outbreak of the Coronavirus / Covid19.

We are able to provide simple Ventilation Systems for surgeries/dental practices using Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP). The systems meet the Government Guidance providing a negative pressure in treatment rooms with a minimum 15 air changes per hour.

For more information on procedures please follow link below:


 COVID-19: personal protective equipment use for aerosol generating procedures


This will assist in your infection protection and control (IPC) strategy as air can be simply be exhausted safely to atmosphere or possibly filtered ensuring all bacteria, spores, aerosols etc are removed effectively.

We can also perform aerosol / smoke tests to give an indicative time to safely clear the air in the room. A larger more uniform airflow rate could provide a shorter clearance time.

If no forced ventilation is used and AGP is carried out, it is recommended that the room is left vacant with the door closed and windows open for one hour, before performing a terminal clean.

We can also provide ‘local’ ventilation (flexible extraction arm), positioned within approx 250mm to the mouth, for extracting aerosols vapours, mists / droplets and potentially contaminated with Covid19 virus. The ventilation units are fitted with all the necessary stages of filtration to ensure the air can be safely returned to the working atmosphere.

In addition we can provide face fit testing for staff 

If any of these products or services are of interest to you please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.