Which filter is best for you..?


At R&B Industrial we supply many different types of filters. We are also able to advise what type of filter is best for your extraction system.

It is important to select a filter that is suitable for your application; we can supply many different types of filter media. The different types are:

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters can accomodate a larger area of filter media meaning that they are suitable for use with many applications including; welding fumes, wood dust extraction, powder coating applications and many more.

Cartridge filters are also avaliable in many types of filter media including; Antistatic, PENF, high temperature, PTFE membrane, synthetic and a number of others.

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Bag/ Sock Filters

Bag filters are avaliable in a number of styles; single bags for single bag units, multiple filter bags in rows, envelope style (flat) bags or one or more multi-pocket bags (seen in many UMA and dust extraction international units).

There are different ways which your bag can be fitted into the unit; snapbands, double spring cuff, standard hem with jubilee clips, loops or mounted on a frame. It is important we know this when quoting. We are able to supply bespoke filter bags to your sizes, so why not get in contact with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a competitive quote?

Filter bags can be manufactured using different types of filter media (material) including; Antistatic, hydrophobic/oleophobic, PENF, aramid felt and a number of other options. These filter medias also come in different grams per square metre (ie. 350gsm, 500gsm).

This dictates how dense the filter media is and has an impact on the filter efficiency.


 New bag sock filters

HEPA Filters

 HEPA filters (High efficiency particulate air) filter smaller particulates from processes. These are often the particles which are most dangerous to workers health.

 Large particles are stopped in the respiratory tract whilst smaller particles penetrate deeper into the lungs causing chronic illnesses and conditions.

HEPA Filters can be supplied in a bespoke range of sizes and constructed from either metal or wood casing, depending on application. They are also avaliable in the following efficiency ratings:

  • H10
  • H12
  • H14

The higher the 'H' number the smaller the particles are which the filter will be used with.



Filter Media Rolls and Spray Booth Filters

Filter media rolls can be supplied for use in many applications, including general air handling and applications where there is a requirement to capture larger particles.

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Spray booth filters capture excess paint from a spray booth unit, we supply these in different variations. Ask for details


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Panel Filters and Air Filters

We supply many different sizes of panel filters. These generally come in two different variations; pleated filters and standard filter media panels. These are generally used in air handling units in offices, schools, colleges and many other places of work.

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Stages of Filtration  

You system may have one or more stages of filtration. However we have listed them all for your information

Primary:    Filter Media (Large Particle)

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Secondary:   Bag or Cartridge


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Third Stage:  HEPA Filter


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Final Stage:  Carbon Filter

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