Bag Filter Units - FEMD

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Bag Filter Units - FEMD

FEMD are a type of bag filter unit with a 'shaker cleaning' system designed for medium air flows.

These filters have been designed to support a strong vacuum and are provided with a plenum chamber allowing primary dust serparation to achieve a better filtration efficiency in the bags.

The 'shaker cleaning' system ensures a high performance with significant energy savings.

FEMD V series is complete with an extraction fan.

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Technical Specifications

Standard version:

Filtering surface from 30 to 160m2

Shaker cleaning

Extraction fan (FEMD V version)

ATEX components zone 22 3D


Bin balance system

Control panel or with inverter

Screw conveyor and rotary valve

Fire protection system

Materials and finish:

Galvanised metal sheet 



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