Bag Filter Units - Compact

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Bag Filters - Compact

Compact units contain bag filters with pneumatic cleaning system designed for medium and large air flows.

These units are designed to have a very compact structure compared to the other bag filter units and are complete with a built in extraction fan, pneumatic cleaning system, cleaning system controller; everything in one unit with reduced dimensions.

Compact filter units can be equipped with 3 different dust discharge systems:

With bins 200L and more

With screw conveyor and/or rotary valvebag filter unit picture 1

Prepared for briquetting press

Thanks to their size transport is easier and reduces shipping costs.



Technical Specifications

Standard version:

Filtering surface from 24 to 48m2

Reverse jet cleaning with differential pressure gauge

Extraction fan from 3 to 11 Kw with control panel

ATEX components zone 22 3D


Bin balanced system

Screw conveyor and rotary valve

Fire protection system

Marterials and finish:

Galvanised metal



bag filter split together