Cartridge Filter Unit - FEC


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Cartridge Filter - FEC

  cartridge filter unit picture 1FEC N are vertical cartridge filters designed for medium air volumes and are able to handle large quantities of dust.

  They are provided with a plenum chamber to create an inertial seperation for heavier dust.

  This allows for a high filtration efficiency in the cartridges.

  These filters have a large filter surface area despite their small overall dimensions.

  The reverse jet automatic cleaning with compressed air ensures a long life of filtering media.

  Series FEC NV is complete with extraction fan


 Wood (fine dust)

 Technical Specifications:

 Standard Version:

 Filtering surface from 40 to 360m2

 Reverse jet cleaning with differential pressure gauge

 Extraction fan from 3 to 11 kw

 ATEX components zone 22 3D


                                                                                                         Control panel or/with inverter

                                                                                                             Bin balanced system

                                                                                                           Screw conveyor and rotary valve

                                                                                                               Fire protection system

                                                                                                        Materials and Finish:

                                                                                                       Galvanised metal sheet


                                                                                                                                                                                                       FEC 18 N certified ATEX zone 22 3D    cartridge filter unit picture 3


    FEC 8 NV with high pressure fan        cartridge filter unit picture 4

OPTIONAL - Fire protection unit      cartridge filter unit picture 5                                       OPTIONAL - Bin balance       cartridge filter unit picture 6

 cartridge filter dimentions