Dry Spray Booths - CS

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Dry Spray Booths CS

CS are a series of dry spray booths.

These booths are avaliable in different combinations.                                        spray booth picture 1

3 STARS series:

A. 1.400 RPM fan

B. ANDREAE® and paint stop filters

4 STAR series:

A. 3 STAR series

B. Ceiling light and electrical panel

5 STAR series:

A. 4 STAR series

B. Active carbon panel

C. More powerful fan


Wood Painting          spray booth picture 2

Technical Specifications 


From 1 to 6 metres length

Fan from 1,1 to 4 KW

Active carbon from 57 to 171 Kg (5 star series)


Side and roof panels

Pressure gauge


Materials and finish:                                                                                                                                                                                                      CS 10 with pressure gauge       spray booth picture 5     

Galvanised metal sheets



                                                    CS 18 with manual turntable and lights      spray booth picture 6


spray booth picture 7

                                                                                                         CS 60 with Andreae paper, paint stop and carbon panel double side panels