Dust Collector Compressed Air Cleaning Wing Filter Cleaning

Another cleaning method unique to cartridge filtration is the reverse-air wing cleaning system. It was developed for very light bulk density dusts and can be much more effective

DC015 cleaning wing -schematic

than traditional reverse jet cleaning systems. It utilises a rotating cleaning ‘wing’ coupled to an integral damper plate, which isolates the filter cartridge against process air flow during cleaning, thereby allowing true ‘off-line’ cleaning.

This gives much better product release characteristics and reduced chance of product re-entrainment.

The rotating wing gives a very effective filter ‘rinsing’ action ensuring superior cleaning and sustained lower filter differential pressures.

This leads to longer filter life and lower maintenance. Operating at lower air pressures than traditional reverse-jet systems, the wing cleaning is much quieter in operation requiring less air. This can be advantageous where the pulse jet cleaning ‘sonic’ noise can be disruptive in the workplace.

thumb DC017 compressed air cartridge filter cleaning wing operation DC024 filter cleaning wing installation DUST COLLECTOR DC066 Pulse jetcleaning  wings





The rotating 'wing' comprising two vertical pipes each having a series of holes along its outer edge.

These pipes are mounted from a central shaft whose rotation ensures that they scan the entire surface of the cartridge filter. In accordance with a predetermined sequence, each cartridge is isolated from service for cleaning by a damper valve.

As each wing is rotated, compressed air passing through the holes in the vertical pipes effectively 'rinsing' and shaking off the dust from the outside face of the cartridge returning it to full efficiency and helping to prolong its working life.

The unique wing cleaning system is much more effective than traditional venturi type reverse jet