Flexible Extraction Arms

R&B Industrial supply and install a wide range of Industrial Flexible Extraction Arms which ensure hazardous particles and gases are extracted at source.

These products are suitable for numerous industrial dust and fume extraction applications, for instance soldering, welding, cutting, decanting etc.

We have a full range of ATEX-Certified extraction arms suitable for explosive dusts, gases, vapours and mists.

Arms are provided from bench mounted 800mm L soldering arms, to extended arms (upto 8m) on pillars / stanchions with swivel brackets etc.

Filtration can be included, for dusts, welding fumes, vapours, mists etc, this can be either portable or fixed units.

Accessories are available such as:

  • lights in hood,
  • automatic fan starting from welding ‘arc’, contactor from welder, or other process contacts such as conveyors, extruders etc.

DF083 Flex armLG 1000-1500











DF084 2m Flex armLG 2000 - 4000











RF / RL / LL 1000-1500 /  LL 2000-4000

Telescopic Arms / TG
DF085 Mobile Flex armMobile Arms / TP
















LV / Swing Arm
DF086 swing arm with hoodPivotal Hood / LE