Fume Extraction Systems Design Manufacture Install and Commissioning

Theory and Design


Our design expertise covers the latest techniques in LEV systems and capture hood design. We have full CAD design facilities. We provide specific application expertise, by focusing upon customer requirements, using either ‘off-the-shelf’ or bespoke solutions, providing the most appropriate and cost effective solutions.

For vapours and gases we can calculate (and measure) the max Release Rate dG/dt (g/s) from the vapour/Gas Pressure (Pv in Pa) and estimate or measure dust concentrations from your processes. This enables us to determine the Workplace Exposure and establish exact capture velocities and airflows required to ensure your work place environment is safe and well below the HSE Workplace Exposure Limits, or other limits as applicable ie ACGIH (American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists) Threshold Limit Value (TLV), DSEAR.


Capture at source hoods, canopies and booths

Control measures must be practical, workable and sustainable, Dust/fume control is only effective when work takes place within the capture zone. 


R&B Industrial design, manufacture, supply,  install and commission a large range of LEV capture hoods and fume extraction systems. These range from:

  • Flexible arms for dust and fume control
  • Solder and weld fume extraction systems
  • extraction tables and down-draught benches that include applications such as gluing, grinding, polishing, cutting, enamelling, carbon fibre / glass fibre work etc
  • Fume cupboard design, manufacture, installation
  • Wet and dry scrubber systems design


We can carry out comprehensive pre-design DSEAR/ATEX assessments.

This ensures that:

  • Hazardous Areas are correctly zoned: 22, 21, 20 dusts. 2, 1, 0 vapours, mists, gases
  • Air flows are correctly specified for assurance of correct zoning
  • Correct equipment category is specified
  • Correct control measures are put in place such as air flow monitoring and alarms.

Following this the correct LEV hood design is crucial to ensure air flows and flammable dust / solvent etc capture is effective. This enables us to potentially reduce extents of zones saving our customers potentially many thousands of pounds.


For each captor hood we recommend Supply and Install of a Magnahelic Pressure Gauge indicating the flex arms / booth / captor hood, required air-flow performance:

  • This will enable operators to clearly see that there is adequate airflow for each LEV extract point
  • Gauge clearly marked with green operating zone specific for capture hood(s).
  • Including static pressure spigots and tubing.
  • Recommended for each LEV captor hood etc.


Please contact us for further information or if you would like a quotation to meet your specific requirements.