LEV Guide (Local Exhaust Ventilation)



lev guide


LEV Testing is required by law at least every 14 months or less in some applications.

LEV Testing is a quantitive test which measures whether an extraction system (Dust/vapour or fume) is providing adequate control of the hazards created by your processes.

This will indicate if your LEV is providing sufficient protection for workers or operators.

A LEV THOROUGH EXAMINATION AND TEST will result with a written report stating one of three outcomes; Pass, Conditional Pass or Fail

There are three types of results you will get following the test within your report:

pass fail etc

 A pass on the report will indicate that your system is adequately controlling and transporting the hazardous substances to a dust collector or to atmosphere as per current regulations

A conditional pass indicates that the hazard is being controlled at source but modification improvements should be made to improve the system within a reasonable timescale.

A fail indicates that the system is not offering adequate controls of the hazards created and system modifications are required to protect operators being exposed to hazardous or harmful substances.

In the event of a fail it is now time to act and make any improvements to your LEV.

It may offer limited but not full control until modifications or replacements are introduced.




How can the risk to staff be minimised whilst the LEV system is under the fail status?


Eliminate substitute or implement engineering controls e.g. modifying the dust extractions system, installing new filters or installing a new system more suited to requirements will be necessary.







  •  Get advice and a quote from our LEV team 
  •  Book an agreed convenient date
  •  A qualified engineer will attend site, take reading, measurements and photo of ducting/plant
  •  Engineer will liaise with customer and advise on test findings
  •  The engineer will return to the office and produce a report and logbook based on the site data gathered. This will indicate if the LEV system has passed or failed. R&B are able to make recommendations which we can then quote, supply or manufacture and install. As a turn key provider of dust and fume extraction this allows customers to have one service provider leading to a more economical and organised solution.
  • The report should be read and kept on file. The logbook should be printed off and kept next to the dust collector, this is so the operators can carry out and log the weekly monthly checks.
  •  R&B will contact , quote and schedule a test within the next 14 month period so your system is compliant