Return Air and Heat Recovery Supply Systems

return air divert system dust extractorReturn air or extract/supply heat recovery systems can provide considerable energy savings from recovered heat energy.

Depending upon hazardous substance/ filtration efficiency, three options are available for heat recovery / return air back to workplace;

  • Continuously Monitoring the Clean air exhaust gas air stream (continuous emission monitoring), ensures return air quality is safe, or
  • Secondary filtration systems, providing a higher efficiency and ‘back-up’ in case primary filtration system fails or
  • When dealing with very hazardous or explosive vapours a heat recovery system may be more appropriate providing heat recovery efficiencies between 60 – 90%

Automatic or Manual damper systems can be installed to allow options for exhaust air. For instance, in summer air is exhausted to atmosphere, and in winter, air is returned to workplace. Duct work can be lagged as required to ensure maximum heat recovery.

R&B Industrial has developed a low cost filter emissions monitoring/ data logging system for particulate and/or VOC emissions. This provides a very cost effective way of returning air to workplace and ensuring excellent air quality.

Depending upon airflows and specific requirements our low cost continuous emission monitoring systems can provide a more cost-effective alternative than secondary filters, enabling return air back to workplace. These systems general consist of:

  • Tribo-electric AC continuous Emissions particulate stack probe, or other type of continuous gas VOC monitoring (MCERTS and non-Mcerts)
  • Control Unit with digital display, adjustable trip point alarm with relay (for audible alarm), and automatic shut-down of plant / process, if required.
  • Stand-alone Data logger option can be provided or alternatively a networked system logging data directly onto a PC.

Continuous dust/ particulate/ gas monitoring, alarming and data logging of emissions can provide proof of air quality, helping to ensure a safer and cleaner workplace. For more details Refer to Stack and Continuous Monitoring Systems