Safe Change Filter Systems

A number of our dust collector filter designs offer ‘safe filter change’ for toxic or hazardous dusts. Depending upon the dust toxicity a safe change system can be designed for your particular requirements;

  • A simpler more cost-effective system for slightly less hazardous dusts employs a ‘quick-twist-lock’, filter securing system. A large (antistatic if required) plastic bag, can be simply placed over the cartridge filters, and as the filters are removed (by twisting), the bags are tie-wrapped over filters. The filters can then be double bagged for disposal; this system may allow a small amount of dust to breach and contaminate surrounding area /atmosphere in the region of dust collector; a secondary plastic sheet/bag can be taped to the front of the collector hatch to minimize this dust contamination.
  • For more toxic dusts the complete dirty chamber can be fabricated with a ‘glove-box’ type access (depending upon collector size). Simple screw, twist lock, or lever locking filters can be removed very simply. The filters (either bag or cartridge) can then be passed through a safe-change hatch fitted with a suitably sealed collection bag(s). The bags are then sealed with filter(s) inside ensuring no product release to atmosphere. The internals of the dust collector can be fitted with a suitable rinsing or water-spray system ensuring thorough cleaning of dust collector internals for maintenance and/or change of product / process etc. in this case the dust collector body would be made of 316 st.st.