Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems



R&B Industrial design, supply and install a wide range of vehicle exhaust extraction systems particularly with the Fire Service which ensure hazardous exhaust fumes are extracted at source. These products are suitable for many types and sizes of vehicles and trucks, with High and low level exhausts.

As a company we hold annual contracts with Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire County fire stations. This said, we cover a large area of the south of England. Dealing with LEV Testing, servicing and modifications to minimise risk from harmful substances.

Diesel fumes have now been proven to be carcinogenic, so the correct type of vehicle exhaust extraction system is essential for people exposed to diesel exhaust fumes. We can design, manufacture and install the extraction systems. Ranging from a diesel exhaust ‘bolt-on filter’ to various types of mechanically ventilated extract systems for specific vehicles and applications.

Please find a number of options below, for a few of the Vehicle Exhaust Extraction systems currently supplied. Please contact us for further information and advice.


 avon fire


coshh lev testing

 COSHH LEV Testing and Servicing including magnetic and pneumatic systems 

R&B Industrial carry out COSHH LEV testing and servicing on all types of vehicle extraction systems and compile a comprehensive report to your company. This will involce a full inspection of the systems condition and suitability, pressure readings and air flow on both sides of extract fan. Any recommendations to make your system more environmentally friendly and cost effective to your company will be added to the report.



rail and track system

 rail and track picture





R&B Industrial have developed a very cost effective range of vehicle exhaust extraction systems, utilising a rail / track system, which allows the exhaust nozzle to track the vehicles until it exits the appliance bay. The exhaust nozzle automatically releases from the vehicle at the correct time ensuring all exhaust fumes are removed and do not pollute the appliance bay / area.

 control panels


Extraction system control panels range from simple low cost manual start with run-on timer to automatic start from when the vehicle engine starts running. Systems can also automatically start from ‘call-out’ type systems, for instance in fire / ambulance stations etc.

All emergency type exhaust extraction systems will have ‘run-on-timers’ which automatically switch off after a pre-determined period of time. A Manual ‘overide’ is also provided for testing, or if the pressure sensors (providing) automatic start, should malfunction / fail etc. 

exhaust attachments


R&B Industrial design, manufacture, supply and install an exclusive range of exhaust attachments which enable extraction from a wide range of vehicle exhaust types, ensuring hazardous fumes are extracted at source. These products are suitable for types and sizes of vehicles, providing a range of products suitable for numerous applications especially stationery and moving vehicles.





low level exhaust extraction


 lower exhaust




high level exhaust extraction

 high level exhaust extraction pictures

 For areas of restricted space R&B Industrial can design space saving exhaust extraction chambers.



hose reels

Ceiling, roof or wall mountable with variety of vehicle exhaust attachments, depending upon application. Standard diameter flex hose: ø76, ø100, ø125 or ø152mm

Hose reels can be supplied with motor for automatic reel extension, or manual operation. Including automatic / adjustable spindle stop. Reel is delivered with pendant hand control for un- and rewind (remote control is available)


 hose reels pictures





overhead canopies

 overhead canopies pics

 Where a track system is not suitable or is unable to be fitted a canopy can be fitted.



Magnetic Systems



pneumatic vehicle

R&B Industrial can service and repair all types of pneumatic, magnetic or mechanical vehicle exhaust extraction systems. Including plymovent, nederman and flextraction etc.


 crush recoverable hose


A wide range of high temperature crush recoverable hose is held in-stock, see Ventilation and Ducting Accessories