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Going further afield

Last week, we visited Tucker Joinery in Andover, Hampshire to see our patented, energy efficient SmartAIR system in action!

Tucker Joinery was established in 1976, and are “a small team who take enormous pride in their work”. This work needs to be done efficiently and to a high standard, that’s why Lee at Tucker Joinery decided to have our SmartAIR system installed in the Spring of 2017.


Why SmartAIR?

Our patented SmartAIR system is the most innovative product on the market, keeping your energy savings and workplace efficiency to a maximum, furthermore the system can work at speed with each extracted branch moving in conjunction with one another, keeping your machines fans at an optimal speed regardless of how many machines are on or off at one time.

We’d like to thank Lee and the team at Tucker Joinery for welcoming us into the workshop to take some photos of our extraction system, and we look forward to visiting again in the not-so-distant future.



Hold the line!

We have also updated our hold music message! It should be up by Friday and you'll be able to hear one of our members of staff let you in on a few secrets that you might not know about R&B.

Give us a call if you have an enquiry on: 01264 351844.


We look forward to hearing from you, as well as hope you have a prosperous end to May. 

May I update you?

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A busy few weeks since our last news post! We are into the swing of things in May, the sun is shining and we are in the midst of another 4-day week, we have been to Southampton, Corby and Wales already this week.

In Corby we replaced a dust collector, Wales we carried out a specification visit for a water authority. In Southampton we carried out service and LEV testing on-site. We have also had in-house LEV training, as well as some updates to our social media and website, you can now have a look at our LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rbindustrialltd/.

With many engineers out and about we are committed to ensuring our energy efficient products are being used throughout the UK.

Here are some examples of some of the  jobs we’ve been a part of:

A perished flex hose that needed replacing in Corby:

News Pic Perished hose

As well as a clean-up job closer to us in Hampshire:




If your workplace needs relevant checks and services, do not hesitate to use our Contact Us page


What have we been up to?

Find out what we've been up to this week at R&B Industrial! 

It's important to adapt

Here at R&B Industrial, we understand the importance of adapting, especially when that comes to our trees and keeping the planet green:

Next week, we will be going paperless in the office. A huge step for us as a company, but also an important part of what we believe in. Choosing to go paperless will optimise our efficiency, as well as being as eco-friendly as possible. Many of our staff have electric vehicles, minimizing their carbon footprint and we believe it's important to look after the planet, not just at home but in the workplace as well. 

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R & B(BC) and the importance of effective testing facilities

This week, we heard the news on BBC Radio 4 that a study was commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and carried out by the Fire Protection Association (FPA). Both organizations are now calling for a review of the tests, here’s a link to their news page on these tests: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43888359   

R&B Industrial is able to design, manufacture, supply & install abatement systems for smoke & fire testing facilities. We have provided cost effective and appropriate solutions for the efficient removal of particulates, VOC’s, acid gases, nitrogen & sulphur oxides, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluorides, dioxins as well as many other particulates. This can be via bag house filters with dry scrubbing or wet scrubbing with appropriate re-agent/sorbents, combined with VOC removal.

For further information on the services we provide click here: https://bit.ly/2HeoK61

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SHAPA Awards 2018

This year's SHAPA awards certainly did not disappoint. Aboard the SS Great Britain in Bristol, we were joined by some of the country's finest engineering specialists. We were very pleased when we found out we were shortlisted for SHAPA's Innovation Award in March. 

Last night, we were ecstatic when it was announced that we had won the Innovation Award 2018 for our new SmartAIR system. After years of research and hard work to ensure that this product was as efficient and innovative as envisaged, we are very proud to be travelling back to Hampshire with the award today. 

The award itself: 



Here are Clive and Julian receiving the award: 



Our SmartAIR system helps to provide optimal fan control, as well as save energy without interference. Being able to guarantee control of airflow for each extracted branch within your workplace is why we feel SmartAIR is the best option for a company that is looking to keep to COSHH standards in the future. 

Here is some more information on our SmartAIR page: https://bit.ly/2GxnLtc