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RB Industrial

Happy New Year!

After a busy couple of weeks back in the office, we would like to say Happy New Year to all of our customers and suppliers. We're hoping this will be a prosperous year for you all!



We are looking forward to an exciting year following the great progress made on our SmartAir system. We will also be selling our energy efficient linear actuated dampers and are hoping to make these available through our re-sellers. We will also be focusing on helping to source filtration products for our customers and helping more companies achieve cleaner air through using the correct filtration stages and efficiencies. From HEPA filters to pleated cardboard spray booth filters, we are here to help you achieve a cleaner working environment. We are also looking to help more customers comply with the law through LEV Testing. LEV Testing is an important part of your maintenance schedule as it ensures that all your equipment that is creating a safe working environment is working correctly and protecting against hazardous dusts. 

Here's to a safer, cleaner 2017!