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smart air

Launch of SmartAir

R&B Industrial are delighted to launch SmartAir – their new patented intelligent airflow control system. SmartAir is the most energy efficient LEV control system available for multi-branch systems. It provides lower running costs than any other comparable system.

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Save Time, Energy and Money and with SmartAir:

·         Minimise fan running costs for industrial ventilation systems. Typical energy savings estimated to be more than 50%, significantly reducing carbon footprint.

·         Payback period can be as little as 12 months.

·         Optimal extraction rates avoid unnecessary losses of heat from the workplace and product being processed, as well as maximising fan capacity, extending filter life and reducing pulse-jet cleaning compressed air costs.

·         Carbon Trust ‘Approved Technology’: end-users can benefit from assistance with capital funding.

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How it works

SmartAir uses patented (No. GB1322313.6) airflow control technology to ensure that the system resistance is dynamically minimised: the system works on the optimal pressure-flow curve at any given point in time, while precisely controlling flows for individual branches as these are switched on or off. No other system on the market does this.