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smart air

SmartAir shortlisted for CIBSE awards

R&B Industrial are delighted to announce our SmartAir system has been shortlisted under the energy efficient product or innovation category in the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2018.


As designers & installers of industrial ventilation systems, we identified some years ago that energy consumption tends to be a low priority when controlling worker’s exposure to airborne hazards. There were also no systems available to accurately control branch airflows, which is becoming more crucial with stringent COSHH Regulations.

We therefore set an objective (in 2013/14), to design / develop an energy efficient, Centralised Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) airflow control system, which would work in virtually all applications and provide precise control of LEV branch airflow. Such a system would need to meet the following criteria:

1.The system must reliably control the airflow to meet the statutory requirements of its application.

2.The system should only consume the minimum amount of energy to achieve adequate control

3.The system must be affordable and provide realistic payback via energy savings.

4.The system will need to comply with all relevant legislative regulations.


CIBSE Shortlist


SmartAir works by using patented (No. GB1322313.6) airflow control technology, to ensure that the system resistance is dynamically minimised; the system works on the optimal pressure-flow curve at any given point in time, while precisely controlling flows for individual branches as these are switched on or off. No other system on the market does this.