Fume and Dust Extraction Systems, Ventilation Systems and Air, Dust and Liquid filters.


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We design and manuafacture a large range of dust collectors and fume extractors with a comprehensive selection of filtration options, for a broad variety of applications.


Our in house manufacturing enables us to provide custom and off-the-shelf units, with appropriate selection of filters and cleaning systems, for virtually all applications, together with, but not limited to:


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We design, build and test our own in-house control/monitoring panels, including HMI, SCADA, data-logging, PLC programming and validation, motor starters, inverter drives, continuous stack emission monitoring, airflow, temperature and pressure sensors etc. Providing integrated, cost effective solutions for industrial monitoring and control requirements.

Designing, manufacture and installing a range of vehicle exhaust fume extraction solutions; we have supplied, fitted and have service contracts with many fire brigades, airports and garages across the South of England.

Stack monitoring (MCERTS certified) can be conducted to quantify the levels of dust/fume/gas exhausting to atmosphere, all performed to the relevant legislative (MCERTS, Environmental Agency, Stack Testing Authority) standards and guidance notes.

DSEAR/ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) Risk assessments and compliance to ATEX 137 (legislation became law in July 2006).

We design, specify, supply, install and commissioning liquid filtration systems with appropriate filtration, cleaning, controls and instrumentation.

Manufacture and supply a wide range of industrial, commercial fans, including; Centrifugal backward and forward curved impellor fans, ATEX fans for explosive/flammable dusts and fumes in hazardous areas, kitchen extract fans, axial Fans, contr-rotating axial fans, high pressure in-line fans, bi-furcated and hi temperature fans. 


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R&B Industrial offer an affordable way for compliance including:




Traditionally the cost of returning air to workplace, with associated energy savings, can be prohibitive, especially for smaller systems, due to the costs of:

  • Providing secondary filtration with additional filter housings, ductwork and increased system resistance requiring larger fans.

We have developed an innovative, smart, cost effective, industrial ventilation, filter emissions, ATEX and air flow monitoring/control system for OEM and end-user sale. Our unique system provides the following benefits, advantages and cost savings:

  • Provides energy savings by returning air back to workplace from LEV, industrial ventilation systems.
  • Enables very cost effective monitoring of filter emissions (may be particulate/VOC’s), in order that the air can safely be returned back into the workplace, with log of emissions/particulate concentration.
  • For particulate emissions (from dust extractors) this can eliminate the need for secondary filtration, dependant upon filtration, hazard etc.
  • Assurance of air quality with data logging emissions.
  • As energy costs increase the pay-back for return air systems increases. Considerable savings can be made together with the assurance of good air quality; especially viable for dust/fume extraction where primary filtration is now virtually to HEPA standard.
  • For controlling explosive atmospheres the monitoring system can be expanded with battery back-up/duty/standby fan control etc if required. Ventilation air flow monitoring will provide control of hazardous area zoning.
  • By increasing ventilation the extents of hazardous areas can be reduced. This can save considerable costs by not having to upgrade or zone equipment outside a particular area ie area remains a ‘safe-area’ which would otherwise be hazardous without airflow controls. However, it must be ensured that airflows are carefully controlled/monitored and alarmed. Our system will provide the necessary functionality to do this.

We are continually developing/innovating our products and services range, please see our news page.



We are based in Andover in Hampshire, as well as Ilfracombe in North Devon but we are happy to carry out project and ventilation works across the country in:

Hampshire, Berkshire, Avonmouth, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Exeter, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Sussex, Wales, Bedfordshire, Gwent, Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Clackmannanshire, Derbyshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Gwynedd, Taunton, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Leicestershire.