Linear Actuated Dampers

R&B Industrial have developed a low cost, actuated, slide gate (blast gate) damper, ideally suited for airflow control in dust and fume extraction and industrial ventilation systems. The actuated, linear damper is also available in ATEX versions, where the ducting is internally zoned Z22 or Z2**

The actuated blast gate dampers are available with either ON/OFF control or modulated from a flow / feedback controller.


The ON/Off control signal can be either a wall switch or activated automatically from the machine operation i.e. fume cupboard, process mixer, woodworking machine etc.

Note, our Controller Interface Unit (CIU) is required for variable / modulated slide gate dampers, in order to interface with either 0-10V or 4-20mA signals.

In dust and fume extraction systems it is recommended that the dampers are mounted vertically, to ensure ‘free-flow’ of dust / fume etc. beneath slide gate damper blade.

The standard dampers are galvanised construction, with (IP65) aluminium alloy linear actuator and 24Vdc motor.



The ATEX versions (Z22 Z2**) are stainless steel construction with non-sparking brass linear tracks. Note installation instructions/procedures need to be followed, for ATEX approval / certification.

For external mounting it is recommended that a rain cover is used to prevent the ingress of water through the damper blade, into ductwork.

The actuated slide gate and ATEX dampers come either with spigoted for fitting directly into spiral duct or flanged for bolting or fitting with Quick-lock / quick release connection rings. The following sizes of dampers are available:

  • 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 355, 400, 450, 500

The dampers are also suitable for general ventilation systems.

For maximising energy savings in a dust and fume extraction system our Constant Volume Damper (CVD)/ SmartAir is available. This has the following advantages:

  • Maintains constant air-flow and therefore efficient control of hazardous atmospheres at source, independent of other branches being opened / shut or filters gradually blinding / increasing pressure etc.

  • The airflow required can be easily programmed into the CVD, meaning no system balancing / airflow adjustment is required.

  • When used in conjunction with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and our LEV Integrated Control System (Smart-Air), provides maximum energy savings and lowest running costs compared to any competitive or ‘constant pressure’ controlled dust and fume extraction system.

  • When used in conjunction with our SmartAir, minimum duct velocities are maintained in the header duct. This is achieved by means of a bleed-in damper opening intermittently to increase velocity and clear any settled dust.

  • By only extracting the airflow required for process operations, heat losses from the workplace are minimised.