SmartAir System


Our patented SmartAir technology provides the most efficient and lowest running

costs compared to any multi-branch, dust and fume extraction system

on the market: 

Maintains a constant airflow for each branch, specifically designed for dust, fume, laden airstreams. High level inverter control ensures optimum frequency at all times, maximising energy savings. Additional energy savings are achieved with:

  •   Less heat loss from factory.
  • Continuous air quality monitoring, with return air to workplace (depending upon hazardous substance).
  • Extends filter life and reduces compressed air costs; extraction performance remains constant as filter resistances, wherever located, may vary.
  • Maintains optimum (main duct) transport velocities, reduces noise and wear. 
  • The extraction system remains balanced under all circumstances, little system commissioning time required. 
  • No loss of product through having too much extraction, at a branch hood. 
  • Different extraction rates can be set for a single branch, i.e. trickle, normal, boost.
  • Standard system alarms include: branch air flows (providing immediate warning of low duct air-flow), high filter pressure(s), fan / system fault, damper fault, plus many other optional alarms, such as:
  • Clean air quality, Bin level, compressed air, filter DP monitoring
  • Branch CVD’s are operated either automatically from machine operation, or from ‘wall-switch’.
  • ATEX Certified systems and dampers available.
  •          Suitable for virtually all processes and applications
  •          Real time, application based monitoring of; energy, alarms and airflows as standard:
  • Can be fitted into existing Industrial Ventilation Systems, possibly providing additional capacity without replacing fan-set.
  •          Payback period can be as little as 12 months
  • Carbon Trust Approval (available shortly); providing assistance for capital funding of approved technologies.

Patent No. GB1322313.6



“Having put up with our old lev system in our mixing room for 20 years it was time to update it. Having 3 quotes from different firms/set ups we decided to use the smart air system from R&B. After installation and setup we have been more than happy with the system, we can control the air flow without interfering with our products, the air is a lot cleaner and it’s very reliable with an added bonus the system saves money”


Best Regards,

Malcolm Wood


Compressor Products International

an EnPro Industries Company