“Due to the need of an internal 120-meter steel gantry to be installed 10 meters high I had no option but to use a diesel-powered tele-handler, however as we produce food there is no way I could have diesel fumes inside the factory. My search for an electric tele-handler was in vain and could see my only option was an exhaust extraction system purposely built for the project.


I contacted 4-5 fume extractions companies only to hear back from two, one of which was www.rbindustrial.co.uk , I explained the project and the lengths (50 meters or more) of hose I needed to run outside for exhaust the fumes. The team at www.rbindustrial.co.uk were amazing and pulled out all the stops getting a system on to site the very next day, I put the new system to work on to the tele-handler and after a few tweaks got 100% of all fumes out of the building. The system was used for 3 weeks solid without fail and even though I had opted to rent the systems I bought the system to keep on site for future use.


Without the help of www.rbindustrial.co.uk the project would have ground to a holt, engineers would have gone home & total disaster.”

 A large chained food processing company





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 For more information on our SmartAIR system, click the link: https://bit.ly/2GxnLtc

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DSEAR Risk Assessments & Hazardous Area Classification – R&B Industrial used as benchmark standard for Qinetiq & MOD sites

At Qinetiq we have conducted a number of DSEAR risk assessments at various sites all over the UK including Hebrides in Scotland, Aberporth in Wales and Shoeburyness in Essex as well as sites located closer in Hampshire and Wiltshire. These reports are crucial in controling hazardous areas and are a neccesity for our customers to control any atmostpheres that are at risk of explosion. 

My MOD client was full of praise for your company’s DSEAR assessments for Eskmeals & Pendine (as well as those already completed e.g. Boscombe Down):


As you know, these assessments were carried out because the sites concerned had none up to that point.  Following MOD’s review of all their sites’ assessments, we are now looking to raise the standard of assessment to the R&B Industrial benchmark.  I would be grateful if you would quote for production of DSEAR assessments at Aberporth & West Freugh sites.

For more information on our DSEAR and ATEX work, click the link: https://bit.ly/2Goktb0


Jacqui Mould testimonial

At Canford School we have an ongoing maintenance and service contract in place. We carry out yearly servicing and LEV testing of their dust extraction systems and replace the appropriate air filters. We have held this contract for many years and occasionally carry out call outs for any issues with their dust extraction systems.

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eBay helps us to sell common sized filter bags, cartridge filters, water filters and second hand dust collectors such as UMA 150 and UMA 250.

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  1. A pleasure to deal with. Extremely quick delivery. Highly recommended!

  2. Excellent goods - delighted and will return again

  3. Fast delivery, well packaged. Thank you. Five star service

  4. Fast Delivery, Great packaging and wonderful item 5 star service


Avon Fire & Rescue have held an ongoing maintenance and service contract with us for over five years. Every 14 months we test their vehicle exhaust extraction systems in their fire stations across the Avon region which prevent the carcinogenic diesel fumes from being inhaled. We also carry out call outs to fix any faults, replace the crush recoverable exhaust extraction hose, replace clip ends ( we manufacture these in house- they connect the exhaust hose to the vehicles exhaust) and fix electrical faults and any other faults that arise.

We have been using R & B Industrial since August 2007. We originally used this company for one off jobs as we already had a term contractor in place, we were really impressed by the service R & B Industrial provided. We decided to terminate our original contract & appointed the above contractor from February 2008.

We have been very happy with the service R &B Industrial provide for us, all our servicing is completed to a high standard with excellent response times. From my experience with this company, I highly recommend the services they provide.We test the market regularly to compare quotations we have been provided with, they always provide completive quotations with a quick response. This is very important as we have 25 Stations that need to be fully functional at all times. R & B Industrial meet all our requirements & adapt our equipment to a high standard & modify systems to fit all our latest new vehicles. Diagrams are provided for modifications which we find very useful.


At R&B Industrial, we would like to thank each and every customer over the years for giving testimonials such as the above. We value your thoughts every day when working on site and back in our offices.