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“Having put up with our old lev system in our mixing room for 20 years it was time to update it. Having 3 quotes from different firms/set ups we decided to use the smart air system from R&B. After installation and setup we have been more than happy with the system, we can control the air flow without interfering with our products, the air is a lot cleaner and it’s very reliable with an added bonus the system saves money”


Best Regards,

Malcolm Wood, Supervisor

Compressor Products International, an EnPro Industries Company


Seminar Components, based in Swansea, asked us to design supply and install an extraction system upgrade for their welding plant.The system provides extraction for four motoman robots and two flexible arms. Energy efficiency and savings were inportant so we provided an inverter with automatic control to significantly reduce energy used and it was predicted that this would provide considerable energy savings over a period of 2-5 years.

"The main considerations for our new extraction system were filter life, performance and energy efficiency. 

Once the filters started blocking in our old system the performance would drop quickly, the filter life was only between 4 and 6 weeks. The new system has been running for three months and the system performance hasn’t changed. The new system monitors the system pressure and the motor is adjusted accordingly, so we shouldn’t experience a loss of performance which was very important for us. The addition of calcium carbonate to the filters seems to have greatly extended their life.

Being able to turn off robotic cells or welding bays when not in use was also a key consideration. With the current cost of energy, being energy efficient is very important to us as a company. Our old system had no way of isolating individual areas so the system was always running flat out, often just extracting fresh air. With the new system we can isolate any of our bays or cells and the system can detect the change and ramp down the motor accordingly, which gives us a good energy saving.

Our welding department works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week so we couldn’t afford any loss of production,  so we wanted the install done during the Christmas shut down period. By the time we had gone through all our quotes and decided to use R & B we were only a few weeks away from Christmas which gave R & B very little time to source everything that was needed for our system. R & B started the install just before the Christmas shut down and worked over the Christmas and New Year period with no disruption to production to ensure the system was ready when production restarted after the holidays. The install went very smoothly and the system has run problem free since.

I have been very impressed with R & B’s innovative ideas and in particular their knowledge of how to deal with welding fumes compared to many of their competitors. R & B gave us exactly the system we were looking for and managed to work to our very tight deadlines. The whole project has been very well managed and the support and response from every member of the R & B team has been excellent." 

DSEAR Risk Assessments & Hazardous Area Classification – R&B Industrial used as benchmark standard for Qinetiq & MOD sites

At Qinetiq we have conducted a number of DSEAR risk assessments at various sites all over the UK including Hebrides in Scotland, Aberporth in Wales and Shoeburyness in Essex as well as sites located closer in Hampshire and Wiltshire. These reports are crucial in controling hazardous areas and are a neccesity for our customers to control any atmostpheres that are at risk of explosion. 

My MOD client was full of praise for your company’s DSEAR assessments for Eskmeals & Pendine (as well as those already completed e.g. Boscombe Down):

“As I stated during a previous telephone conversation, both myself and the QSEP team within MOD are extremely happy with the reports produced by R&B Industrial Limited”.

As you know, these assessments were carried out because the sites concerned had none up to that point.  Following MOD’s review of all their sites’ assessments, we are now looking to raise the standard of assessment to the R&B Industrial benchmark.  I would be grateful if you would quote for production of DSEAR assessments at Aberporth & West Freugh sites.



At Canford School we have an ongoing maintenance and service contract in place. We carry out yearly servicing and LEV testing of their dust extraction systems and replace the appropriate air filters. We have held this contract for many years and occasionally carry out call outs for any issues with their dust extraction systems.

" The service provided by R&B Industrial during the last and previous years has always been outstanding in all aspects of the work. Personnel are always polite and very professional- A true credit."



Cambrian Windows

" I would like to thank you for your professional approach for the site audits you carried out yesterday, I will be speaking to the UK window group to let them know how professional your company was"

Peter Symonds College

"Immediate attention given, superbly efficient, most impressive service- thank you"



EBay helps us to sell common sized filter bags, cartridge filters, water filters and second hand dust collectors such as UMA 150 and UMA 250.

  1. A pleasure to deal with. Extremely quick delivery. Highly recommended!
  2. Excellent goods - delighted and will return again
  3. Fast delivery, well packaged. Thank you. Five star service
  4. Fast Delivery, Great packaging and wonderful item 5 star service

Avon Fire & Rescue have held an ongoing maintenance and service contract with us for over five years. Every 14 months we test their vehicle exhaust extraction systems in their fire stations across the Avon region which prevent the carcinogenic diesel fumes from being inhaled. We also carry out call outs to fix any faults, replace the crush recoverable exhaust extraction hose, replace clip ends ( we manufacture these in house- they connect the exhaust hose to the vehicles exhaust) and fix electrical faults and any other faults that arise.

  • We have been using R & B Industrial since August 2007. We originally used this company for one off jobs as we already had a term contractor in place, we were really impressed by the service R & B Industrial provided. We decided to terminate our original contract & appointed the above contractor from February 2008.
  • We have been very happy with the service R &B Industrial provide for us, all our servicing is completed to a high standard with excellent response times. From my experience with this company, I highly recommend the services they provide.
  • We test the market regularly to compare quotations we have been provided with, they always provide completive quotations with a quick response. This is very important as we have 25 Stations that need to be fully functional at all times. 
  • R & B Industrial meet all our requirements & adapt our equipment to a high standard & modify systems to fit all our latest new vehicles. Diagrams are provided for modifications which we find very useful.
  • I was impressed by the swift & helpful response I received to questions & requests for information. The service sheets are detailed & to the point, invoices are clear & provided monthly. The call centre is helpful, friendly & prompt & we have a good working relationship with R & B Industrials staff.
  • We also have the peace of mind that all our exhaust extract systems are serviced & maintained to a high standard. Health & Safety is a high priority for all our sites.
  • I would recommend using R & B Industrial to other company’s & we will be continuing to use their service in the future