Air quality monitoring

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations places responsibility on employers to ensure that the exposure of their employees to hazardous substances is prevented, or if this is not reasonably practical, adequately controlled, and all control measures are properly assessed and maintained; making air quality monitoring an integral requirement of many industrial workplaces.

Air quality monitoring, surveying and assessment from R&B Industrial Ltd.

Our team here at R&B Industrial Ltd. carries out thorough workplace hazardous gas, fume and dust monitoring; producing comprehensive reports and recommendations as part of our air quality monitoring service, to meet British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and HSE guidelines.

Equipped with the latest sampling and testing methods (Dust /Aerosol, VOC-PID monitoring equipment, personal air sampling pumps, impingement and sampling tubes), analysis is carried out by UKAS accredited laboratories.

The workplace monitoring we carry out will indicate the extent of exposure occurring and highlight the effectiveness of any control measures in place. The results are subsequently compared with relevant exposure limits and interpreted to determine the need for improvements, and a survey report is produced for your information.

Personal air sampling

We are well placed to offer Personal air sampling which means taking an air sample from the breathing ‘zone’ of each employee in your workplace or workshop in order to identify any dust hazards or harmful airborne substances that your employees may be exposed to.

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in air quality monitoring

Our qualified and experienced consultants use the latest monitoring equipment and explore monitoring methods to produce surveys tailored to your specific needs.

Providers of current and appropriate guidance on all relevant matters, we will generate clear, concise reports with guidance on risk management and, where requested, on-going support packages.
What’s more, our sample methods include personal air sampling in the operator’s breathing zone, spot and area sampling for general or background measurements to show the spread of the contaminant in question, as well as the real-time monitoring of gases, dusts, vapours using dust-trak, photoionization detector PID, and Drager tubes.

Alongside this, we also implement non-airborne sampling of the work environment by surface wipe tests, lift-off tape, in-situ XRF, metal analysis, etc., and settlement of contaminant, and bulk sampling.

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