LEV Testing services

LEV Testing is a quantitative test that measures whether an extraction system (Dust/vapour or fume) is providing adequate control of the hazards created by your processes, Testing is required by law at least every 14 months – sometimes less in some applications – and will indicate if your LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) is providing sufficient protection for workers or operators.

R&B Team Member performing an LEV Test.

LEV testing from R&B Industrial Ltd.

Utilising the latest measuring instruments, providing detailed reporting and carrying out simple remedial works when and where appropriate (usually requiring a subsequent site visit), our LEV testing service offers:

  • Correcting fan direction,
  • Adjusting air flow dampers
  • Checking for blockages in filters / duct-work systems
R&B Team Member performing an LEV Test.

Upon completion of the test, our detail report provides you with key information, including:

  • Design improvements / recommendations
  • System diagrams
  • Stack / discharge effectiveness and environmental impact
  • Full test results stating changes from initial appraisal and reasons for differences.

The service also covers ATEX fume and dust extraction systems with additional testing including items such as, but not limited to:

  • Checking for appropriate type of filter media such as conductive / antistatic etc
  • Filter media conductivity tests
  • Ducting and equipment earth bonding checks to CLC-TR_504042003, Electrostatics – Code of practice for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity.
  • Checking air flows with respect to hazardous area classification; ensuring zoning classification is maintained.
  • Checking air flow alarm system operation and calibration as required.
  • Checking fan and electrical equipment for correct zoning, category and equipment protection.
  • Checking for potential ignition sources
Illustrating LEV Testing

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in LEV testing

Once your LEV testing has been completed and your report produced, the engineers at R&B Industrial Ltd. will make in depth recommendations for which we can then quote, supply or manufacture and install.

As a turnkey provider of dust extraction and fume extraction, this allows our customers to have one service provider; leading to a more economical and organised solution.

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