Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction Parts



hosing 3

  • Properties of the hose:

    • vibration resistant
    • crush-proof
    • highly flexible + compressible
    • protected, flow-optimizing exterior folds
    • fabric reinforced
    • good resistance to chemicals
    • small bending radiuses
    • gas and liquid tight
    • light weight
    • conform to RoHS guideline
  • Temperature Range

    • exhaust gas temperatures to +200 °C *
    • when correctly applied with exhaust gas funnels, extraction fan on and sufficient fresh air supply (50% approx.)


  • Design, material

  • special plastic-profile supporting spiral

  • fabric-reinforced tape; wall: EPDM/ PP coated fabric

  • wall thickness 0.4 mm approx.

  • Clip ends:

    R&B Industrial design, manufacture, supply and install an exclusive range of Exhaust Attachments which enable extraction from a wide range of vehicle exhaust types, ensuring hazardous fumes are extracted at source. 

    clip end 4

    Fixings and other parts: We supply a wide range of jubilee clips, reducers, connectors and many other fixings required to connect your system together.

  • R&B Industrial can also supply fans, timing and pressure switches and control panels (on request) to ensure that your vehicle exhaust extraction system works in the correct way for you.

  • We are also able to make bespoke clip ends if required.