Local Exhaust Extraction LEV System Maintenance, Service, Refurbishment, Filter Changes

LEV, General Ventilation and AHU servicing/ filter changes to complete dust extractor re-builds / overhauls can be undertaken. Work can include, but not limited to:

  • Cleaning/vacuuming filter cartridges/ bags, checking for product on exhaust (clean) side and removing as necessary
  • Examination of filter bag condition, supports, inserts, frame bolts
  • A check of filter unit, shake down or pulse jet operation, adjust timings to improve cleaning, as necessary. Checking operation of solenoid and diaphragm valves, checking compressed air quality etc
  • Examination of fan impeller, direction of rotation and where possible fan belts, adjusting where necessary
  • Checking condition of all dust extraction unit access doors and doors, hatch, bin seals etc. and replacing if necessary.
  • Inspection and lubrication of drive shafts, shaker mechanisms
  • Inspection and cleaning of pressure / flow monitoring spigots ie checking for blockages etc
  • Checking condition of ductwork and operation of dampers
  • Observing any evidence of control failure, such as; unusual dust deposits or a stronger odour than normal immediately outside the LEV
  • Fitting filter magnahelic pressure gauges or airflow monitoring (static / velocity pressure gauges etc) on  hoods, enclosures, extract slots, fume cupboards etc. These provide excellent visual indication of system performance for operators. Each gauge specifically marked for particular operating characteristics

Planned maintenance contracts

R&B Industrial works in partnership with its customers to develop tailored maintenance programs for all types of dust and fume control equipment.
The benefit is that you pay a fixed cost for regular maintenance of your system in the knowledge that servicing is carried out by experienced and qualified technicians, with very competitive spares, filters and accessories.