Vehicle and Paint Spray Booth Smoke Clearance Testing LEV Testing and Servicing

We carry out filter and comprehensive LEV/air flow tests for spray booths; this includes ‘clearance time’ tests ensuring effective removal of sprayed substances and providing operators with ‘safe entry’ times.

This is a requirement by the HSE to ensure the extraction system is effective and left on for a sufficient period of time to ensure removal of all hazardous substances.

We cover both dry and wet back booths testing and servicing.
Servicing / testing checks include:

  • Face velocities with matrix and performance rating
  • Clean/Check Manometer pipes and connections
  • Check dry filter differential pressure
  • Condition of booth back/sides
  • Fan check condition and rotation, motor currents / phase (A), voltage and Kw
  • Motor bearings, belts and fan connection
  • Adjust fan belt tension as required
  • Fixed/flexible duct work condition

In addition for water back booths etc:

  • Check water level controller operation and check pipes/connections and clean if necessary
  • Condition of baffle side; check and clean baffle plates if necessary
  • Condition of water; pH value, level, corrosion inhibitor
  • Condition of water pump
  • Check hoses for leaks
  • Water reservoir – water changed? Condition, leaks, corrosion
  • Door and hatch seals - Check for leaks
  • Other comments/ recommendations