Workplace Noise Assessments: Noise Monitoring Survey

Our workplace noise assessments help us identify specific sources of noise, enabling us to make precise engineering recommendations to combat these 

Our workplace noise assessments involve so much more than waving a sound meter around your workplace. 

On a recent workplace noise assessment project at a global spice factory, based in Buckinghamshire, we were able to identify specific sources of noise and made precise engineering recommendations to tackle these. 

Workplace noise sources

Some of these noise sources included peeling plastic or tape in packaging machines, high frequency noise from motors, a mechanical fault with a hoist, and induced vibration in a roller shutter door from compressors.

Workplace noise assessment & solutions

From the frequency / octave band analysis we identified the most appropriate noise attenuating materials for such things as enclosures, vibration isolation, acoustic lining for the motor compartment. Other noise control solutions were also proposed.

Following recommendations and minor remedials, several areas which were previous ‘Hearing Protection Required’ zones could be reclassified as ‘Hearing Protection Recommended’ or declassified completely.

We were also able to specify certain tasks that needed hearing protection.

As part of our report, we quantified employee compliance with foam earplugs and found that most operators used no workplace hearing protection at all. 

After some investigation, we found that the earplugs were difficult to insert correctly and, in fact, provided too much noise protection, so operators could not hear each other. Most simply took them out. 

The client was surprised at the low compliance, but we pointed out that the ear plugs were difficult to see under the hairnet and beard snood. 

In the end, we recommended Peltor Earmuffs, which provided less noise protection, so operators could hear each other. Crucially, the earmuffs are highly visible, making hearing protection much easier to enforce.

If you are looking for comprehensive workplace noise surveys which meet all of the BOHS / HSE recommendations, please contact us for a quotation.

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