There are so many advantages to becoming a SmartAIR® reseller, for both you and your customers; from enabling your customers to achieve a lower carbon footprint, to being among the first to offer this award-winning and truly innovative technology.

Advantages for you as a reseller

Providing the most efficient LEV control for multi-branch systems, enabling customers to achieve a lower carbon footprint.
Stand out from your competitors by being among the first to offer this award winning, innovative technology.
With optimal fan control you can maximise your customers’ fan capacity and control of hazardous substances.
SmartAIR® reduces commissioning time; no system balancing required.

Awards achieved

SHAPA 2018 Innovation Award winner
CIBSE 2018 Energy Efficient Product or ‘Innovation of the Year Award’ finalist
W Exhibition 2018 Elements of Innovation Award Finalist

Upselling Opportunities

Existing systems can be easily upgraded to SmartAIR®.

Advantages for your customers

Precise Control

Maintains precise control of airflow for each extracted branch, maximising efficiency and ensures optimum control of exposure to hazardous substances.

Energy Savings

Optimal extraction rates minimise fan energy costs and avoid unnecessary loss of heat and product being processed.
Typical energy savings between 40-50% per annum of installed system price.

Reduced Running Costs

Optimal extraction rates extend filter life and reduce pulse-jet cleaning costs whilst minimising wear and tear, downtime and noise exposure.

SmartAIR® reduced running costings table

Return On Investment

The period it takes to pay back the SmartAIR® cost from energy savings can be as little as 12 months.

Carbon Trust Funding Assistance

End-users can benefit from assistance with capital funding for SmartAIR® ‘approved technology’.

Key information:

  • Existing industrial ventilation systems can be upgraded to SmartAIR® , with re-use of inverters if available.
  • Designed to work with our low-cost control dampers, which are available as ATEX category 2 and 3 versions* if required.
  • Real time monitoring of energy, airflows, fault conditions and (optionally) return air quality. Alarm indicates a low branch airflow due to a blockage or high filter differential pressure etc.
  • Individual branch dampers can be switched ON/OFF either automatically or via manual switch. Inverter will go into ‘sleep-mode’ if all branches are inactive, and automatically start when a branch is switched/triggered on.
  • Different extraction rates can be set for single or multiple branches, i.e. trickle, normal, boost.
  • System ‘self balances’ when branches are operated and compensates for changing pressures (e.g. due to filter blockage), at all points within the ventilation system – no human intervention required.
  • Maintains suitable main duct transport velocities ** UK manufactured with sustainable materials.

*zone inside ducts

** reducing deposition of droplets or particles inside ducts an optional ‘bleed-in’ damper may be necessary.

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