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Welcome to R&B Industrial Ltd Engineering Air Quality

Fume dust extraction Ventilation, Filtration, Testing and Monitoring

R&B Industrial Ltd
Engineering Quality

R&B Industrial Ltd (established in 1983) offers complete solutions and expertise in:

  • The In-House design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of:
    • All aspects of fume dust extraction, filtration and industrial ventilation, vacuumation equipment and systems, vehicle exhaust extraction systems.
    • Industrial control panels for the above systems, specialising in energy saving inverter and feedback controls etc.
  • Performing LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation), initial appraisals, thorough examination and tests, maintenance / servicing call-outs and contracts. (COSHH Regs. 7 and 9). General ventilation HVAC systems testing and commissioning.
  • Carrying out workplace hazardous gas, fume or dust monitoring (COSHH regulation 10). We are equipped with the latest sampling and testing methods (Dust /Aerosol, VOC-PID monitoring equipment, personal air sampling pumps, impingement and sampling tubes), and with assistance from UKAS accredited laboratories, we can analyse and report on your air quality.
  • Workplace air quality monitoring, surveys and assessments to meet BOHS and HSE guidelines
  • Workplace noise assessments to meet the latest HSE Noise at work regulations (2006)
  • ATEX / DSEAR Risk assessments and hazardous area zoning and classification of plant and processes, together with ATEX category air flow monitoring and alarm systems.
    • We can reduce your hazardous area zoning, by increasing/controlling ventilation and providing monitoring and control systems to ensure that the ventilation and zoning remains effective.
  • Particulate and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for:
    • (MCERTS) Stack emission monitoring and data logging; systems to meet compliance to IPPC local authority and Environmental Agency guidelines.
    • Dust / fume extraction return air quality monitoring and data logging, integrated with LEV air flow monitoring and alarm systems; providing energy saving systems with return air back into workplace, maximising energy efficiency, minimising costs.

We also supply/ manufacture:

  • Competitive air, liquid and dust filters; for most manufacturers
  • Sheet metal and general fabrication facilities.Paul Twitter

Energy efficiency and environmental awareness are now essential for industry, and to remain competitive. R&B Industrial can help you achieve these aims with energy efficient fans, the latest filter media with lower pressure drops / higher efficiencies, together with filtration and process plant automation; This can include flow and pressure control for variable speed drives, ensuring plant is operating at its optimum efficiency. Integrated systems can be supplied for environmental monitoring, logging and alarming of LEV/ dust/fume extraction plant, stack emissions, water quality and other process plant needs.

We can carry out energy efficiency audits of your plant and controls. This can identify very significant energy efficiency savings. We can then upgrade motors and starters with inverters and feedback control systems, provide air quality monitoring so filtered air can safely be returned back to workplace etc; carrying out design, panel build, installation and commissioning.

We supply of a vast range of filters for dust, fume, mist, oil, liquid, air (including compressed-air) applications and OEM equipment.


Which type of fume dust extraction system is right for my application?

We visit your site to measure, survey and investigate your fume dust extraction requirements, including filtration, air supply, air quality, noise control and attenuation. This includes controlling ATEX/ explosive atmospheres and providing appropriate solutions.
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We also provide full maintenance and service contracts. We can provide ‘total’ compliance packages, saving our customers money.

Our In house manufacturing enables us to provide custom and off-the-shelf units, with appropriate selection of filters and cleaning systems, for virtually all applications.


Which type of filter or filter media is right for my application?

We are able to provide expertise to provide the right filtration for your application:

Air filters or ‘depth’ filtration media offer a range of efficiencies; from course airborne/atmospheric dust filters (Grade1,Grade2 – ie glass fibre), to very high efficiency (HEPA) or Ultra-Low Penetration (ULPA) filters. These types of filters are generally suitable for ‘light’ dust loadings; once the filters are blocked / loaded with dust they have to be disposed of and replaced. Therefore, generally with applications with heavy particulate / dust loadings these filters become very expensive due to the constant changing of filters. Different types of depth filter media can be used for oil/VOC filtration, odour removal (when impregnated with activated carbon), or liquid filtration applications; please see the relevant sections for these types of filters and media etc.

Surface filtration media or dust/particulate filters are designed to provide a surface barrier to block the particulate from ‘entering’ the pores of the media; this can either be for a dust or liquid application. The filters are then regularly cleaned by either:

  1. Some type of mechanical shaking, vibrating or rapping
  2. Or reverse air cleaning (for dusts), with either compressed air or ‘cleaning’ fans or back-flush cleaning (for liquids).

Providing the correct type of filter media and cleaning system is selected for the application, the filter media can last for a considerably long time; and far longer than ‘depth’ filter media.

The initial cost of these filters (with respect to air-flow / filter velocity etc.) can be considerably higher than the ‘equivalent depth’ filters, however, the filters will last considerably longer.

A wide range of treatments are available to aid the dust release and for explosive dusts / fumes; please see the relevant sections for these details.




We carry out project and ventilation works in the following areas:
Hampshire, Berkshire, Avonmouth, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Exeter, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Sussex, Wales, Bedfordshire, Gwent, Cambridgeshire, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Clackmannanshire, Derbyshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Gwynedd, Taunton, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Leicestershire.