Industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, laboratories, data processing rooms, and nuclear power plants are designed for processes and environmental conditions that include proper temperature, humidity, air motion, air quality, and cleanliness. Generated airborne contaminants must be collected and treated before being discharged from the building or recirculated, meaning general ventilation systems are an integral part of these workplaces.

Many industrial buildings require large quantities of energy, both in manufacturing and maintaining building environmental conditions. Energy can be saved by proper use of insulation and ventilation systems, and by recovery of waste heat.

For worker efficiency, the building environment should be comfortable and should minimize fatigue and facilitate communications. The HVAC systems should control temperature and humidity, have low noise levels, control health-threatening fumes, and provide area cooling to prevent heat stress.

General ventilation systems from R&B Industrial Ltd.

Testing and airflow balancing

Variable pressure control

Variable Air Volume damper (VAV)

VAV systems use varying airflow at a consistent or constant temperature to appropriately heat and cool buildings; dampers regulating temperatures within the workplace.

Constant Volume Dampers (CVD)

Building ventilation

Introducing clean air into your building, either mixing with the existing air or displacing the existing air with ‘new’, clean air.

Key Information

  • We also offer clean room ventilation for airborne particles and particle control, externally sourced particles; as well as air pattern control, non unidirectional airflow, unidirectional airflow, and fibrous air filters
  • We can also assist with the design, installation and supply of parts for kitchen ventilation systems, including bespoke parts to suit your kitchen extraction system

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in general ventilation systems

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s general ventilation systems are specifically designed for lowest energy usage and maximum efficiency.

Our low cost fans can be supplied for inverter control, enabling energy efficient operation, with maximum life cycle cost savings.

We provide air flow, temperature, humidity measurement, air quality, control, and alarm systems to suit the specific environmental considerations of the environment, plant or process required.

What’s more, our experienced team specialise in recovery and air handling units, energy recovery, and renewable green energy; as well as control tuning in order to optimize system performance for energy saving, filter changes, air quality.

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