Specialising in ventilation, extraction automation systems. Aiming to provide cost effective control and monitoring solutions that are well designed, documented, supported and maintainable fulfilling customer requirements.

Our staff are qualified to General Engineering Degree Level, HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering, BS7671 18th Edition and City and Guilds Electrical Installation and Testing 2391

We offer total systems integration from consultancy, specification and design to commissioning and ongoing support, utilising established products through the following:

  • Pre-sale; Feasibility studies and technical recommendations on the process, control and system needs
  • System requirements specification and system functional design
  • Project management, planning and scheduling
  • System design (hardware/software) and configuration
  • System/software validation and testing
  • Full project documentation; operating procedures, wiring diagrams etc
  • Installation, commission and customer training
  • Process/control system setup and tuning
  • Ongoing system/software support

Our systems can provide many operational advantages such as:

  • Ease of modification in hardware and software, accommodating changes and additions in plant design and control
  • User friendly operator interfaces, enabling personnel to have greater process visibility
  • Providing superior command and control of the process
  • Enabling operators to make timely decisions
  • Improved control
  • Powerful historical and rea time trending capabilities

Control & Automation
from R&B Industrial Ltd.

Inside a control panel


We design, build and test our own in-house control and monitoring panels, including HMI, SCADA, Data-logging, PLC programming and validation, motor starters, inverter drives, continuous stack emission monitoring, airflow, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

We provide integrated, cost effective solutions for industrial monitoring and control requirements.

We also have expertise in the following control and instrumentation fields:

  • SCADA, PLC and process controller programming / configuration; systems have been designed using Process Modelling and Supervisory control adaptation utilising; PID, ratio, cascade and feedforward control strategies; including control tuning.
  • Dust/air filtration plant automation including COSHH and stack emissions monitoring.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen/operator interface design and configuration
  • All types of motor starters; DOL, star-delta, soft starters and variable speed control, this includes inverters and DC motors
  • Weighing systems
  • Servo control systems (hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Sensor/signal conditioning and interfacing
  • ATEX category 1,2,3 electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas.


We provide comprehensive system design, validation and testing documentation specific to each project, t his can include:

  • System requirement specifications including input/output (I/O) listings
  • System design specification including ATEX requirements
  • Functional safety specification/design
  • Electrical and control panel specification for control panel builds on site wiring.
  • Customer acceptance testing and validation
  • All electrical wiring diagrams and cable schedules
  • System commissioning documentation
  • Operator and maintenance manuals

Dust extraction constant airflow controller

In all dust extraction systems, airflow varies according to filter pressure. Ideally however the airflow should be kept constant throughout the life of the filter. As an alternative to a motor inverter control, R&B Industrial have developed a constant airflow controller. This is using modulated dampers as a cost effective and innovative way of controlling the airflow.

Our constant airflow controller is able to maintain a constant airflow by sensing and compensating for filter differential pressure throughout the life of the filter. This optimises extraction system performance and extends the life of filters.

The constant airflow controller can be retrofitted to existing extractor units. Once installation is complete the minimal attention is required. Additional features can be included, for instance; remote audible alarm, differential pressure alarm, bin level alarm, high emissions alarm and continuous recording systems


In certain atmospheres when a mixture of air gases, vapours, mists or dusts combine in a way that could cause ignition then ATEX certified equipment is needed to comply EU legislation to mitigate the potential of explosions.

In such environments ATEX certified equipment will need to be used to mitigate the potential of explosions, the problem with this is the cost of the ATEX equipment can be over three times as much as the same non-ATEX device.

At R&B Industrial we create control systems that remove the dangerous atmospheres, thus removing the need for ATEX certified equipment resulting in a more cost effective option for our customers.

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in control & automation

R&B Industrial Ltd. specialises in environmental plant monitoring and control systems, aiming to provide cost effective solutions that are well designed, documented, supported and maintainable, fulfilling customer requirements now and in the future.

We offer total systems integration from consultancy, specification, and design to commissioning and ongoing support.

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