What is LEV testing (COSHH LEV Testing)?

COSHH LEV Testing is a quantitative test that measures whether your dust, vapour, gas or fume extraction system is providing adequate control of the hazards created by your processes. 

Why does LEV need a Thorough Examination and Test and how often?

As stipulated by COSHH Regulation 9(2), an employer shall ensure that a LEV Thorough Examination and Test of the plant is carried out at least once every 14 months, sometimes more regularly, dependent upon application.  This will confirm for you whether or not your LEV system (Local Exhaust Ventilation)  is providing sufficient protection for workers or operators.

Why choose R&B Industrial?

Here at R&B Industrial we have been providing peace of mind to employers for many years with our high quality, competitively priced LEV testing services. We provide added assurance of competency as our test engineers are experienced BOHS certified to P601 (Basic Competency on Initial Appraisal of Testing LEV Systems) This is a qualification recognised by the HSE.

Our LEV Test engineers have a wide variety of experience, from testing single systems in small industrial settings, to large multi system installations for internationally known manufacturers in the following industries including:

  • Woodworking
  • Metal working
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Stone masonry
  • Foundries
  • Fire Stations
  • Food production
  • Defense industries
  • Textiles
  • Health and beauty products
  • Cleaning products
  • Paint and coatings
  • Recycling
  • Airports
  • Laborites
  • Plastics

Our highly qualified engineers are also able to make in depth recommendations. We can design, manufacture, supply and install a wide range of dust extraction equipment for a wide range of processes.  This allows our customers to have one service provider, leading to a more economical and organised solution.  With our in-house Occupational Hygiene team working alongside us, we are also able to offer guidance on workplace monitoring and noise monitoring, as well as DSEAR consultancy services.

LEV testing from R&B Industrial Ltd

During the test our qualified engineers will carry out various tasks including:

  • Observing operators while using the system, to determine its’ effectiveness
  • Check and correct fan direction
  • Adjusting air flow dampers
  • Checking for blockages in filters/duct-work systems
  • Take airflow measurements to check transport velocity
  • Check cleaning system to ensure correct operation

The service also covers ATEX fume and dust extraction systems with additional checks carried out such as, but not limited to:

  • Checking for appropriate type of filter media
  • Filter media conductivity tests
  • Ducting and equipment earth bonding checks to
    DS/CLC/TR 50404:2012, Electrostatics – Code of practice for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity.
  • Checking air flows with respect to hazardous area classification; ensuring zoning classification is maintained.
  • Checking air flow alarm system operation and calibration as required.
  • Checking fan and electrical equipment for correct zoning, category and equipment protection.
  • Checking for potential ignition sources
Illustrating LEV testing

Following the visit, our engineers will supply a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Full details of the existing system
  • System diagrams and photos
  • Design improvements/ recommendations
  • Stack/ discharge effectiveness and environmental impact
  • Full test results stating changes from initial appraisal and possible reasons for differences.
  • If required, we can also provide quotations for any recommendations made such as dust or fume control systems, adjustments to working practices, modifications to existing system and much more 
Illustrating LEV Testing

R&B Industrial Ltd’s expertise in LEV testing

Once your LEV testing has been completed and your report produced, the engineers at R&B Industrial Ltd will make in depth recommendations for which we can then quote, supply or manufacture and install.

As a turnkey provider of dust extraction and fume extraction, this allows our customers to have one service provider; leading to a more economical and organised solution.

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