Mobile dust fume extraction and flexible extraction arms from R&B Industrial Ltd.

R&B Standard Extraction arms
Wall or stanchion Mountable. 180 or 360° hose rotation.  Available in lengths from 1 – 9m,

  • external support mechanism with gas-struts for self supporting arm
  • fan can be located directly onto end of arm
  • quick coupling extension for longer arms.
  • Can be fitted with light in hood.
  • Welding arms can be fitted with sensor for automatically starting fan on commencement of welding, thereby offering considerable energy savings.
  • For minimum resistance to flow solid tubing can be fitted between articulated joints
  • Suitable for welding smoke, light dust and gases
  • 2 – 7m Telescopic Extraction arm
  • Internal bar system, self supporting with internal gas springs and spring balancer. Wall/stanchion Mountable. 360° hose rotation.  Suitable for welding smoke, light dust and gases

Vehicle Window Glazing/Glass vacuum support /extraction arms

Strengthened extraction arm, with polycarbonate hood for vehicle window glazing. Self supporting and rotates freely for precision positioning of glass. The glazing hood can be interchanged with welding hood.

Laboratory and solder fume extract arms

R&B Industrial Ltd. have a range of bench extraction arms and solder fume extract stations

Volatile vapors and gases with high toxic levels often require the use of exhaust cabinets to protect the user. The EC1800 is an ideal bench cabinet for such applications. A hinged and clear viewing panel maintains excellent visibility while at the same time reducing the airflow demand on the cabinet.

Floor pillars for extraction arms

Floor pillars for suspension of R&B extraction arms type SA, LGF, RGF, RFF and TGI:

  • Max. extraction arm length: 4000mm
  • Manufactured to suit specific application, powder coated enamelled steel

Spring driven hose reel


  • Strong spring driven hose reel for high vacuum systems, with 2 standard ø50mm hose lengths of 7.5 and 12m.
  • Can easily be mounted on wall by 4 bolts
  • Pivot/hinge system, always ensures direct pull on flex hose
  • Hose reel ‘locks-off’ 2 times per turn

Welding Tables

R&B Industrial supply and install a large range of welding tables for all you company or school.

Swing arm rail system

With hose runners and flexible extraction hose. A variety of extraction hoods can be fitted as required:

  • Mounting for wall, or free standing,  can rotate freely 270° (dependent on hose)
  • Length 2 – 6m
  • as standard, fitted with hose, nozzle and spring balance

Soldering Tables

R&B Industrial Ltd. supplies and installs a large range of soldering tables for all you company.

If you still do not find what you are searching for then please contact us as we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your working environment.

If you still do not find what you are searching for then please contact us as we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your working environment.

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in mobile dust fume extraction and flexible extraction arms

Our high quality arms can be used in numerous industrial applications, for instance:

  • fume extraction; welding, cutting, solder extraction, gas, mist and vapour extraction
  • dust extraction: decanting, weighing, sieving for powders, liquids etc.
  • ATEX certified arms can be supplied for flammable / explosive atmospheres
  • Laboratory extraction arms
  • Garages/ vehicle Window repair/glazing workshops for fitting Vehicle window glass

We supply some of the most cost effective and efficient self supporting, clear-through arms available;

  • 360 or 180 deg rotation
  • From 50mm to 200 diameter
  • From 1m – 9m  long
  • External support mechanism, with a ‘clear-thru’ design, ensuring lowest resistances to flow and no mechanism onto which fumes and dust can build up
  • Flow optimized design, Conical hood as standard
  • PVC-Smooth bore HD flex hose (standard)

We are confident we can provide a cost effective and appropriate solution for your application.

Arms can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and lengths, with standard circular hoods or from a range of alternative slot/hood designs. Bespoke hoods can be manufactured for almost any application.

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