We are able to take your ideas and transform them into reality, we also have expertise in dust and fume extraction and can advise on how to ensure that your project fits with the recommended guidelines such as HSG258 and COSHH.

Alongside this we have a our in house system and engineer who by using our special software generate graphics of how a bespoke system or unit could fit in a building.

CAD is a great drawing software which helps you break down your ideas in to components and is a fantastic visualisation tool which can realistically describe what your project or idea is going to look like once it is a reality. The great thing about drawing out your ideas in this level of detail prior to building them into reality is that you can ‘try it out for size’ before going ahead and can easily make any changes whilst your project is still in the design phase.

Examples below

Plenum Design and Manufacture

Fume Cabinet Design and Manufacture

Spray Booth Design and Manufacture

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