Downdraught Benches

 R&B Industrial offer a variety of downdraught benches that are suitable for dust particles that are classed as large, fine and very fine, non-sparking, dusts with tendency to create sparks, smoke and fumes (in high and low volumes). Downdraught benches are also available for welding and grinding.


Downdraught benches are work benches which also serve the purpose of dust and fume extraction. This allows for the capability of grinding or carrying out any other business on the workbench whilst all the dust and fumes created are being extracted through the work bench.


By using a downdraught bench, it provides a simple, quick and effective method of removing dust from your workplace and transferring it into the atmosphere. This process prevents you and your colleagues from breathing in harmful dusts which can cause dermatitis, cancer and serious lung diseases.

One of the biggest benefits to using a downdraught bench over alternatives, is that it takes up the space of your bench, extracts at the source whilst keeping your workspace clean and not allowing any waste product into your work area.



Downdraught benches are suitable for a number of applications such as: trimming and fettling of plastics, atmospheric dusts, wood working including MDF, sanding, sawing, dry stone cutting, GRP trimming and finishing, flour or similar powder weighing and processing, ceramics, metal welding and aluminium fettling and grinding

Downdraught benches can be suitable for flammable and explosive atmospheres and those that may pose a DSEAR risk.

Another benefit to downdraught benches is that they can provide changeable worktops that allow you to change the top depending on the dust which is being created.

By using a downdraught bench, there is no need to reposition you extraction hood.