SmartAIR® install at Mota Lita providing solutions to control dust and fume exposure.

We were approached by a local manufacturing company to provide solutions for a control of dust and fume in their brand new facility in Andover, Hampshire. Their existing plant at the old factory was found to be inadequate and there was an opportunity to centralise, modernise and vastly improve the performance of the dust and fume extraction systems to ensure full compliance was achieved and at minimal cost. Energy consumption was a key consideration and it was important to the client that the new controls performed reliably and as efficiently as possible.

Consideration was also given to the cost of installing two dust collectors; one for metal/polishing dust and one for wood dust. Testing of the dust was vital to the project as this would confirm how explosive the wood and metal dust was. For the explosion testing, we sent dust samples to an accredited laboratory, from which we received a dust analysis. this combined with extensive knowledge of our DSEAR consultant, we were able to combine the two waste streams into a single dust collector with appropriate controls such as explosion relief venting, non return valve, spark arrestor and fire compression. Costs were able to be reduced by only needing to install one system.

dust and fume extraction

The designers at R&B Industrial considered this project an ideal candidate for our patented SmartAIR® System, particularly as many machines are not used at the same time, which provides optimised airflow control along with many other benefits, such as a significant reduction in noise, power consumption, reduced heat loss, less compressed air consumption and extended filter life.

Using specified software to model the building structure, we were able to create a 3 dimensional model of the LEV system which meant the client could see exactly where the elements that made up the system would be sited and identify any potential operational issues before anything was physically installed.

The build was scheduled for the second quarter of 2020; however, in March 2020 the whole country was facing a global crisis, COVID19. This was restricting site works, however R&B Industrial carefully followed all government guidelines and we put together a detailed risk assessment and installation plan to ensure the safety of both the clients employees, construction staff and the team from R&B.

Due to the flexibility of the SmartAIR® System, commissioning was straight forward and adequate control exposure to dust was confirmed.

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