Requirements and challenges

Following contact from the Metal Improvements Company at Curtiss Wright, the team at R&B Industrial Ltd recently installed a complete factory wide energy saving ATEX dust extraction system [link to dust extraction system page].


The system has replaced a number of smaller individual dust collectors, many not ATEX compliant, extracting from a range of shot blast and shot peening machines.

The new centralised, ATEX dust extraction system is extremely energy efficient being controlled by an inverter controlled fan and automated dampers. The complete system has been designed and manufactured by R&B Industrial Ltd.

Each shot blast / peening machine extract duct is fitted with an actuated damper operated automatically from the machine operation. Air flow sensors detect the damper’s opening / closing and automatically adjusts the inverter speed ensuring optimum airflow is always maintained and maximising energy savings.
A number of existing large dust extractors were upgraded to meet full ATEX compliance, including, Design, specification and installation of:

  • ATEX explosion relief / burst panels, complete with break / isolation systems wiring
  • Explosion backdraught dampers
  • Structural calculations
  • Upgrading an existing bag house collector with antistatic dust, cartridge filters (pleated bag filters), providing a 40% increase in air-flow
  • Earth bonding and various electrostatic control measures
  • Temperature detectors, activating water deluge/ spray systems within the dust collector hoppers, to prevent hot embers/ sparks igniting ferrous dust


It is anticipated the new ATEX dust extraction system, with two 30Kw fan sets, will save over £16,000 pa compared with an extractor running full speed, without automated control dampers.

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