Requirements and challenges

  • A fan, inverter controlled from ‘system’ demand,
  • A dust collector with very high efficiency cartridge filters, with compressed air cleaning • system on-demand.
  • A very cost effective (calcium carbonate) powder dosing system absorbing VOC’s from weld fume, ensuring long filter life. This also inerts the flammable weld fume.
  • A filter / stack emission monitoring system, ensuring satisfactory return-air quality to the workplace. Again providing energy savings, with no heat loss to the atmosphere


The installation of a new energy efficient and cost effective new fume extraction system was completed during (2013) Christmas shutdown, with production ready to run in the 1st week of January 2014.


Following on from this, we have very recently completed some modifications to the system and the customer is looking to upgrade to our patented SmartAIR system next year [link to SmartAIR page]; this maximises energy savings with precise air-flow and inverter control, increases filter life and compressed air savings.

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