Requirements and challanges

Prior to the system being installed, the 11kW extraction fan would always run at maximum capacity. It was up to operators to ensure the manual dampers were closed off for each machine when not in use.

However, often the manual dampers were left open so there would be insufficient airflow flow to extract the dust/shavings from the machines.

In operation, sometimes, this would result in dust/shavings being left on the workshop floor.


The dampers on our SmartAIR® system are automatic and control the airflow ensuring dust/shavings are extracted.

What’s more, as it automatically warns operators if too many branches are open (insufficient airflow) they ensure the branch dampers are closed via the switch, if not automatically with the machine after use.

This allows maximum extraction capacity across machines, far better than their previous system.


The operators know immediately (via system alarm) if there is a blockage in a branch; enabling them to be cleared. We also get a warning of low airflow due to an increased filter pressure. This alerts us to clean the filters.

The existing fan had poor energy efficiency, costing a considerable amount to run. The new SmartAIR® system now saves us approximately £2000 per year in energy costs. The workshop is cleaner with less dust that the operators and employees could breathe in.

Lee Tucker – Company Director, Tucker Joinery

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