Requirements and challenges

R&B Industrial recently won a 40K contract to carry out a ventilation system [link to ventilation systems page] specification, design, manufacture, install and commission at Lionel Hitchen near Winchester.


The inverter controlled, energy saving system comprised:
Design and manufacture of a heating and cooling Air Handling Unit (AHU), to maintain a constant 16 deg C in the food processing area with a 70% heat recovery / exchange unit, maximising heating / cooling energy savings.

The AHU was integrated with local exhaust ventilation (LEV) [link to LEV systems page], extracting at source from ovens, weigh booths and various process mixers. The primary function of the LEV is to remove spice and garlic odours, via a range of flexible arms and extract booths. The extracted air is filtered via pre and rigid bag filters and odours adsorbed by carbon filtration prior to passing through the AHU, for heat recovery.

The supply and extract fans are inverter driven with feedback and ratio control from various pressure sensors and internal control algorithms. This maximises energy savings, and optimises system performance and temperature control.

Within the food processing areas all ducting [link to ducting installation page], booths, canopies etc. are stainless steel.

The complete ventilation, AHU and energy saving control system [link to controls & automation page] was designed and manufactured within our manufacturing facility and installed with our own in-house Engineers.

The filtration LEV, AHU and odour control system was commissioned by our P601 / P602 ventilation and refrigeration, qualified engineers.


A cost effective ventilation system that maximises energy savings, system performance and temperature control.

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