SmartAIR® provides maximum energy savings and the lowest running costs for industrial ventilation systems. SmartAIR®, compared to any other competitive or ‘constant pressure’ controlled dust extraction and fume extraction, this intelligent ventilation airflow control system can provide energy efficient LEV control for multi branch systems.

SmartAIR® is unique in that it optimises both the industrial ventilation fan speed and pressure. Resulting in a far greater energy saving and a lower carbon footprint is available compared to any other industrial ventilation system on the market, worldwide.

What are the biggest problems customers face with their existing systems and how can SmartAIR® benefit?

A big problem with most LEV systems is that they just don’t operate efficiently. When an extract fan is running at a faster speed than the system needs, it can cause the following issues:

1. Increased energy bills

2. Wasted product

3. Decrease on filter life

4. Causes downtime

5. Increases your servicing costs

Most multi-branch LEV systems are set up by adjusting manual dampers and checking airflow. This takes hours and can’t give perfect performance all the time. Operators will always be opening and closing branches and in the worst case, airflow might drop below the capture velocity – illegally exposing your staff to hazardous substances.

SmartAIR® is a patented intelligent airflow control system which reduces energy consumption, precisely controls branch airflows and works with minimum human input.

Using a variable speed drive and modulating dampers, SmartAIR® optimises the motor speed for the airflow demand of the system.

We have customers who have saved up to 80% on their energy bill and paid for their investment in as little as 1 year

SmartAIR® can interface with other equipment – such as valves, limit switches or screw feeders, so a branch only operates when it is needed. It can also trigger an alarm or shut down machinery if emissions sensors read high or airflow sensors read low.

  • SmartAIR® can provide real time monitoring of the branch air flows. If the air flow drops due to an internal duct blockage, an immediate warning alarm is provided to the operator.
  • SmartAIR® can be retrofitted into existing dust extraction/fume extraction/LEV and industrial ventilation systems. Payback can be as little as a year, depending upon specific systems operating parameters
  • SmartAIR® extends filter life and reduces compressed air costs, as filter differential pressures are maintained at the lowest possible levels. This results in intervals between filter changes are longer, saving down time/labour costs.

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