R&B Industrial Ltd. provides a variety of continuous emission/air quality monitoring systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Stack monitoring from R&B Industrial Ltd.

In the UK the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations have focused the attention of industry on the need to protect the workforce from exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.

The HSE are becoming increasingly concerned by the increase in occupational asthma and are scrutinizing ventilation (LEV) systems and causes of dust/fumes in the workplace.

Return air of dust and fume extraction systems, back into the place work, via appropriate primary or secondary filters, can provide considerable energy savings. However, this may also be a cause of increased respirable dust/fume levels (especially if incorrect filters are fitted, or effective monitoring and maintenance is not performed), increasing the risk of asthma.

The continuous particulate/fume monitoring, alarming and data logging of emissions can provide proof of air quality, helping to ensure a safer and cleaner workplace. Large energy savings can then be also made with the return air, with the assurance and proof that air quality is within COSHH and environmental limits.

Industrial stack emissions are legislated by the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act (IPPC) together with Process Guidance Notes. Legislation is continually increasing and emissions limits are being reduced to prevent emissions of pollutants into the environment. The monitoring and control of such emissions is enforced by local authorities and the Environmental Agency.

In the case of unusually hazardous substances an automatic monitoring /control system may be required and enforced by the HSE/HMIP.

R&B Industrial Ltd.’s expertise in stack monitoring

At R&B Industrial Ltd. we have the products, capabilities and expertise to provide appropriate filter and stack emission, monitoring and control systems to meet each individual circumstance; from a single dust extractor, monitoring return air back to workplace, to a multiple stack and plant monitoring system, for a wide range of pollutants from particulate, VOC’s, or particular gases.

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