Common problems with LEV systems

Here, we discuss common problems with LEV systems and what to do about them

Is your LEV system functioning the way it should? If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re experiencing some or all of these common problems with LEV systems. But, within this article, we’ll go through not only common problems, but also what you can do to alleviate and / or prevent them from happening. 

Overloading the LEV system

The video below shows respirable fumes exiting from a component collection bin.

Here, the face of the hopper has been covered, but the components are ejected from the tool using a pulse of air which overloads the LEV system. Each ejector pulse can be seen forcing respirable fumes into the working environment.

Inadequate or insufficient controls

An LEV system is an integral part of any workplace exposed to harmful or hazardous dust or fumes. And, as such an important piece of equipment, it’s just as important to ensure the design and any associated controls are suited to your needs; are understood and used correctly by all, and are kept in good condition. 

Recommended solutions 

Luckily, there are some straightforward solutions to the common problems with LEV systems mentioned above. 

LEV testing is not only a requirement by law every 14 months but is a highly recommended service in order to ensure your LEV remains in good condition; providing optimum protection for all individuals in the workplace. 

Here at R&B Industrial Ltd., our team of experienced professionals carry out LEV testing services; producing detailed reports and undertaking remedial work where appropriate to ensure your LEV system is in good working order. 

We also offer controls & automation as a service – ensuring that your LEV has appropriate, easy to use controls. 

What’s more, our team is well-placed to offer advice, guidance and consultancy wherever necessary; ensuring that, should you need to replace your LEV system, you receive the LEV that’s ideally suited to your workplace. 

To talk to us about anything mentioned above, please contact us today.

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