How can we make your workplace more energy efficient?

Here, we discuss how we can make your workplace more energy efficient using our unique SmartAIR system

In an ever changing world, we believe it is of paramount importance to be as efficient and aware of our environment as humanly possible in the current climate. 

When it comes to dust extraction systems, we have the capability and the expertise to optimise efficiency in the workplace consistently to keep your business costs down in the long term. 

We carry out many energy efficient processes across the country, they include installation of air ventilation systems, as well as energy efficiency audits of your plant and controls. This can identify very significant energy efficient savings.

These values transcend across our company, we have a paperless office as of April 2018, which we believe is the way forward for innovation in the workplace, we have adapted to an ever-changing planet. Further to this, many of our colleagues drive electric vehicles. 

Our award-winning energy efficient SmartAIR system

We believe our SmartAIR system is the most energy efficient dust extraction system on the current market. 

Optimal extraction rates minimize fan energy costs and typical energy savings are between 40-50% per annum of installed system price.  
If you want to save time, energy and become more efficient in your workplace, make sure you contact us today.

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