Personal air sampling in your workshop

The importance of personal air sampling

You know your woodwork-shop is dusty, but do you know how much of that dust is inhalable and what your wood dust hazards and risks are? 

This is why personal air sampling is important; ensuring your workplace remains safe from those wood dust hazards and the possible health risks that come with them.

The main causes of exposure to dust in your workshop and the associated risks are:

  1.  Using ash for manufacturing sports equipment which could result in decreasing lung function
  2. Installing Birch flooring which could be leaving you with dermatitis
  3. Repairing boats with Western Red Cedar which could lead to you or any employees developing rhinitis
  4. Manufacturing packing cases from Gaboon which could make you asthmatic

Personal air sampling

To avoid any or all of the above possible health risks, personal air sampling is highly recommended; which means taking an air sample from the breathing ‘zone’ of each employee in the workshop, in order to determine what dust hazards or harmful airborne substances that employees could be exposed to.  
Get your woodwork-shops monitored and dust levels measured, and ensure you are compliant with EH40 by contacting us today for your personal air sampling.

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